D/G & S/G Solutions
  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing(SIG's)

Single Glazing had been the only option since the first day of the window with glazing created until Double Glazing(SIG's) invented. It is a single pane of glass inside the window and door. It obviously comes with different thickness of glasses with different configuration. Single Glazing is still the highest-demanded glass type in the world and can still suffice you with some certain energy efficient requirements. The level of energy efficiency requirement can be met by applying different kind of energy efficiency single glazing option, but up to a certain extent, because the demand for Double Glazing(SIG's) has been increasing quite powerful due to a fact that energy efficiency requirements have drastically been increasing and Single Glazing cannot comply with.

SIG stands for Sealed Insulated Glass Units. It means that two or more glass panes are manufactured together. Two glasses are designed apart by space bar and bonded with a hermetic seal that results into keeping dehydrated air in between the glass panes. This dehydrated air gap in between two or more glasses decreases any kind of conduction(heat, cold, noise and etc.) between outside and inside the building for creating energy efficient effects for the buildings. The level of energy efficiency can be increased by applying different kind of window & door profiles as well as different kind of energy efficient glasses alongside with wider spacers. Double Glazing(SIG's) is enable to be configured with an enormous variety of different thickness of glasses as well as spacer.


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