The uPVC THW is certainly the most popular window type out of all ranges. The way it operates to open from the bottom outwards to the top. Hence, it prevents sprinkle of rain from entering your building. The adjustable friction stay allows you to open up your window at any level and then will stay open.

Recommended Min. Sizes: 400mm(W)x400mm(H) Recommended Max. Sizes: 1200mm(W)x1200mm(H)

The uPVC SHW is one the 2nd most popular window type out all ranges, but not as common as The uPVC THW however the opening mechanism are exactly the same. The only difference is that The uPVC SHW vents open to the side. Recommended Min. Sizes: 400mm(W)x1000mm(H) Recommended Max. Sizes: 600mm(W)x1500mm(H)

The uPVC TTW is the most fashionable and ideal window type for any kind of building. How The uPVC TTW operates is that they can be tilt inwards vertically for effective ventilation and turned inwards horizontally to make it easy to clean them from inside your building. Recommended Min. Sizes: 500mm(W)x1000mm(H) Recommended Max. Sizes: 1000mm(W)x1800mm(H)

The uPVC SW is the window type that slides to the side. It allows you to control where the airflow should be. It is also quite ideal for narrow passages and places where it will not source an obstruction into the passage when opened unlike other windows. The ideal places for The uPVC SW is kitchen and entertainment. Recommended Variations: XO / XOO / XOOX / XOOOOX Recommended Min. Sizes: 1200mm(W)x600mm(H) Recommended Max. Sizes: 5200mm(W)x1800mm(H)

The uPVC FW is the window type that folds to the side. It allows you to open your window partially or fully depending on the amount of space you required. Once the panels opened fully, it creates a valuable opened spaces. Recommended Variations: 3 (Panels) / 3+1 (4 Panels) / 5 (Panels) / 3+3 (6 Panels) Recommended Min. Sizes: 1800mm(W)x800mm(H) Recommended Max. Sizes: 5200mm(W)x1800mm(H)


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