Aluminum Doors

Aluminum hub door has been used in homes and workplaces from past to present, and it has a quality structure due to its aluminum structure because we all know that aluminum does not lose its quality over time, and is not against water and humidity. And.

 Today, aluminum doors are used in different ways in home and business environments, and fortunately, our dear country Iran produces the best quality aluminum doors in different colors and patterns, aluminum doors, in other words, aluminum products such as double glazing are produced in our country. Aluminum windows and aluminum doors are self-sufficient.

 In general, aluminum doors show great strength and durability even in the long run due to their aluminum structure, these doors are the best choice for bathroom doors as they will not change under the influence of water.

 The aluminum door will be mounted in two ways. In the first case, the door will be mounted on the iron frame mounted on the wall, but if there is no iron frame on the wall, the door will be mounted on the wall. Boldex screws.

 Types of Aluminum Doors in the Aluminum Door and Window Sector

 Wooden Design Door

 Aluminum wooden design doors are used in places decorated with wood-based interior decoration, and due to the reasons we will talk about below, this type of door is preferred to the wooden door because it is made of aluminum, but it is covered with wood.

Sliding door

 Aluminum sliding doors are very popular as they do not cover the so-called interior like hinged doors and usually, this type of door is double glazed. often different from a hinged door.

 Multi-Leaf Door

 In places where the entrance door length is more than 1.5 meters, a double-skinned sliding aluminum door is used and the type is placed side by side. Doors are made in different models. It is aimed to use 2 meters.

 Aluminum Glass Door

The aluminum glass door is one of the most popular aluminum doors due to its stylish and modern look due to the use of glass. The structure of the aluminum glass door is such that usually 20 cm wide aluminum frame is produced, then it is decorative. will be placed in the glass frame.

 Fully Aluminum Bathroom Door

 sliding aluminum door

 Most buildings today have limited space due to rising property prices, so it is better to make the most of the available space by installing sliding aluminum doors, which are often cheaper but will lose their quality in the long run.

 Broken Aluminum Doors

 The front aluminum door is the safest type of aluminum door because the structure of this type of door consists of double-skinned protections placed on top of each other and does not break even in heavy impacts. aluminum doors, For this reason, aluminum doors are known to be anti-theft, but simple aluminum doors break with slamming.

Double Wall Aluminum Door

 Due to the presence of aluminum layers and the use of double glazing, double glazed aluminum doors are actually soundproof door that is often used as bathroom door in public places.

 It should be noted that in the colloidal industry aluminum doors are produced in two simple and specific forms. In the first case, aluminum is made using a single sheet, but in the second case the aluminum doors will be double-skinned, and the terms for Beauty are completely different.

Note: Kolivand door and window sector offer aluminum doors in various colors such as champagne, brown, and various designs of all aluminum, aluminum, and glass combination, and therefore the decoration design can be easily adjusted with the desired door. In addition, aluminum doors are also accepted in line with the wishes of our valued customers.

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