Aluminum Window Types

Comparison of UPVC and aluminum windows

  Window durability: Due to the higher tensile strength of aluminum frames, aluminum windows have greater placement and strength against loads and special weather conditions.

 Profile diversity and beauty in coloring: The frame has two frames, 6 and 7 cm. There are frame types from 4 to 15 cm in the aluminum frame. Aluminum frame types are more than uPVC. It is high beauty.

  The difference in opening dimensions: Due to the strength and dimensions of aluminum profiles, it is possible to make windows in larger sizes, aluminum windows, which provide diversity in aluminum windows.

  Aluminum Profile Types

  Thermal break aluminum window profiles:

  Thermal break profiles (profiles with thermal failure) are profiles formed from two separate sections of aluminum profiles connected by polyamide blades. High strength and long life are other advantages of polyamide blades. The polyamide blade on the thermally insulated aluminum window profiles prevents heat transfer from one surface to the other Diego surface.

  Normal Aluminum Window Profiles:

  Normal profiles are aluminum profiles that have all the features mentioned about aluminum, which is a fact of polyamide parts and has less insulating properties than the thermal type. They also have less dissipation compared to thermal break profiles.

  Features of Aluminum Double glazed Window:

  Strength: The aluminum frame is more durable than the frames made of wood or iron and UP and has less shrinkage and expansion than the mentioned material. aluminum windows In addition, suitable sound and heat insulated aluminum doors and windows were considered against discoloration, sunlight, rain, air pollution, high density, and unlaminated dust. Aluminum windows are thermal insulation up to 60% against heat and cold.

  Extra aluminum frames with oxide coating are sold. This cover can eliminate the corrosion and perforation problem of the case that causes the case to have a lower profile, so it is an ideal choice for aluminum doors and windows, exterior doors that need to be exposed to water and weather conditions. Also in wood species, the frame is not moisture safe and has undergone scratches and corrosion on the metal.

  Aluminum Window Strength:

  Due to its higher tensile strength, the thinner aluminum frame is one-third the weight of the aluminum window compared to the mold-based Tafig Deh. The weight-to-power ratio is also outstanding.

  Easy installation of an aluminum window: Aluminum is much lighter than ordinary door frames. The natural lightness of these doors makes them easy to install.

  Easy Maintenance:

  Easy maintenance and protection in aluminum windows. Such freemasons can be cleaned regularly with a damp sponge. Not available to preserve the aluminum surface appearance.

  Comparison of UPVC and aluminum windows

  Aluminum Window:

  Aluminum is a stronger material than upvc; this means that narrower-looking aluminum windows can withstand higher glass levels due to the different framing. It is therefore very popular in commercial and office buildings. It's also a good option for large windows in the home.

  Aluminum windows are environmentally friendly. They can be recycled from high-quality recycled aluminum.

 Aluminum has more flexibility than upvc.

 The range of colors in aluminum is amazing and lets you choose.

 According to various experiments on aluminum, this material has a very high resistance in certain weather conditions.

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