Aluminum Windows Frame Features And Advantages

Aluminum is called the "magic metal". Aluminum, which is the third most common element in the earth's crust, has the feature of being a unique frame for window profiles. Today, thanks to the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys, it reaches a 5% increase in global use every year. It is a frequently preferred alternative in window profiles.

 Aluminum windows are generally used in offices and company buildings. Heat insulation feature is not found directly. However, thanks to the interventions to be made in its content, it gains a thermal feature. In this way, it can be easily used not only in regions with hot weather conditions but also in regions with cold weather conditions.

 Aluminum Windows Design

Aluminum can be easily shaped to create a decorative smooth or textured surface. This means that Aluminum windows profiles windows, doors, and curtain walls not only perform well but also look great. Before moving on to the advantages of aluminum window profiles, it is worth mentioning the design privileges. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's aluminum. It is considered to be limited to a few different color options, but aluminum is paintable. Therefore, the color scale is quite rich.

 Aluminum Windows Coating

 When it comes to thermal and thermal insulation, you can choose aluminum coating. By immersing aluminum in an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through it, this element transforms the surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, aluminum oxide coating. Since the aluminum oxide is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum, it does not peel off after coating.

 Aluminum Windows Features and Benefits

 Aluminum is one of the lightest metals commercially available with specific gravity. This makes it ideal for window profiles. Also; Corrosion Resistant: If you are looking for a window that needs to be maintained and cleaned as little as possible, then you should choose aluminum. When aluminum comes into contact with air, it immediately forms a protective aluminum oxide layer on the surface. This layer is extremely resistant to any kind of corrosion that air can throw, including acid rain. It is also not damaged by cleaning products. Unlike many different window profiles, aluminum window frames are resistant to weather damage. It does not swell, crack, split or bend.

 Unbreakable and Unbreakable: Aluminum is a malleable and flexible element. Its property means that it can be bent or shaped without losing its hardness, breaking or cracking. So its flexibility is not fragile. Since aluminum frame profiles can be bent easily without any risk of breakage, they can also be used on curved sills.

 Recyclable: Aluminum is unique when it comes to recycling metals. The quality of recycled aluminum is the same as untreated aluminum. This means that it can be recycled over and over again.

 Strong and Sturdy: Aluminum alloys are ideal for making window or door frames. This is because pure aluminum itself does not have high tensile strength. However, its strength is greatly increased when alloyed with other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper, and magnesium.

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