Aluminum Windows Frame Properties

Aluminum framed windows emerged as a revival of mid-century modern style. Aluminum windows, reflecting modernity and modernity at that time, attract attention with their unique designs and durable structure today.

  Although the spaces where aluminum frames are used are limited, they can adapt to almost any space. Due to its strong and thin structure, it can be seen in larger and wider window areas. Due to its metal appearance, the design and structure of the building is a very important issue.

  Generally, this type of window frames has thermal insulation. But aluminum windows without thermal insulation are only suitable for temperate climates. Thermal system aluminum window frames are used in regions where harsh weather conditions prevail.

  Aluminum Coating

  When it comes to plating, this does not mean that the entire frame will be metal. Some windows are aluminum coated wood. Typically a softwood such as Ponderosa pine gives the window both its structural strength and acts as a thermal break. Thin aluminum coating provides protection against external factors.

  Aluminium frame

  Unlike other window profiles, it is made entirely of aluminum. Aluminum provides structural strength to the window. Except for a few additions such as thermal break, the entire frame of the window is aluminum. In areas with cold climates, aluminum window frames with thermal systems can be made.

  Aluminum Frame Designs

  Aluminum windows have a sharp metal appearance. Thus, it adds charm to the place. This look is achieved through a process called anodizing. The color gamut is not wide, only a few colors are available. However, since aluminum is a paintable material, the color options can be greatly increased.

  Effective Solution in Hot Weather

  Aluminum windows profiles vary according to the area to be used. It is generally preferred in regions with hot climates. But if you want to use this type of window frame in the design of your home or workplace, it can be thermalized by pouring liquid polyurethane into the extrusion pocket. Thus, while its appearance remains aluminum, you can create thermal insulation without deteriorating its structure.

  Resistant to Severe Weather Conditions

  Although thermal insulation is applied later in aluminum window frames, they are generally resistant to harsh weather conditions. The only problem is that it cannot insulate the place used. But thanks to the material to be added to the system, thermal insulation is now possible.

  Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

  Many window frames are not weatherproof. In addition, it can be damaged in many conditions such as rain, wind, snow. However, such a situation is not seen in aluminum window frames. Due to its highly durable structure, you will not encounter problems such as training, bending, breaking or cracking.  Paint adheres well to the flat surfaces of aluminum window frames, siding, and less so to many angles of wooden window frames, beams and battens. Therefore, there is no such thing as losing their pigments.  It does not require as much cleaning as other types of windows. This is one of the reasons why it is used especially in commercial buildings. It will be sufficient to clean these frames, which can be easily cleaned even when it rains, with a damp cloth.

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