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Double glazing is an insulating glass system. It is layered glass insulation developed in factories to contain dry air and gas compatible with the ambient pressure between the glass plates. And the latest system is among the building hardware. Double glazing, which provides high security, sound, and heat insulation, is installed as a perfect system. It provides excellent efficiency in the home, office, school, hospital, and all living spaces. It can be easily installed in office partitions, aluminum building cladding systems, entertainment venues, and work areas. The company, which has 25 years of experience and experience, makes a difference in the living spaces where it designs and installs.

 Double Glazing Usage Areas

  The double glazing system used in all living spaces gives confidence in double glazing sound and heat insulation. Facade cladding systems, showcase installations, integrated blinds, George bars are used in D/G –S/G solutions. Safe and private spaces are created by creating special equipment areas such as office designs and room partitions. The system called double glazing can also be processed with more layers. Double glazing aluminum profile gaps are produced with moisture breaker and sealing feature. Productions carried out in the factory environment in accordance with special dimensions are established according to the project. Double glazing, called the insulating glass system, prevents heat and sound permeability and provides high efficiency to the user. It can be used as sound insulation, heat control, and sun shading in usage areas. It gives confidence with its reasonable price, product, and workmanship quality.

  Double Glazing System Advantages

  Insulation safety is ensured in areas where double glazing is installed. It has many benefits from liquid sealing, sound insulation, safety assurance to daylight control. Aluminum intermediate profile gaps are first combined with polyisobutylene, and secondly with polysulfide or special silicone to provide layered sealing. Special silicon double glazing should be preferred for projects that are directly exposed to sunlight. Insulating glass systems can be produced with frosted glass, laminated or tempered glass systems. High security tempered glasses are used as special production products. It is impact-resistant and unbreakable. As a source of information on all special production and hardware systems, works as the most accurate support. It is able to deliver services all over the world, gaining trust with its affordable price guarantee and friendly employees.

  Double Glazing with Winza Assurance

  Double glazing systems give quality and confidence to living spaces. It gives peace to the user by eliminating the unbearable noises. The system, which provides security against natural conditions, can be produced in layers in accordance with the usage area. Special silicone insulating glasses can be produced in the form of enameled glass panels. It provides thermal insulation, safety, and living space security. has achieved high success in the design, production, and installation of insulating glass systems. It has enabled the creation of private living spaces by making perfect installations. Double glazing can be used safely on aluminum profile windows, doors, and balconies. Winza, which produces and installs with twenty-five years of experience and professional expertise, produces high-quality doors and windows.

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