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Even though double-glazed windows do not seem expensive and important, they are preferred today. Consumers' interest in double glazing has led to an increase in production. Large amounts of producers are investing money in order to make double glazing efficient. In this case, it ensured that the product cost became affordable. Windows take up a lot of space in the house. The heating and cooling costs of your home during the year are usually reduced by windows. Single-glazed windows are the weakest aspect of the house. Single glazed windows also have a negative effect in cold seasons. Single glazed window causes heat loss in winter or cold days. You can even feel the cold coming from these windows.

 Double glazing, which has the opposite effect, does not release the heat. The outside air first penetrates the outer glass and then must pass through the inner glass layer. In this case, it ensures that the heat remains in the house for a long time. It is the insulation of double glass windows and doors. It is airtight between two separate layers of glass and the insulation performance of the window is thus increased. It is important to know the benefits.

 How much energy does double glazing give?

 p to 30% of the heat lost passes through the windows. It causes high costs during heating and cooling processes. Double glazing is extremely effective against this situation. It reduces the heat loss by 50% and you do not feel the need for extra warming.

 Materials Used While Making Double Glass?

 Many material types are preferred when making double glazing. The important thing is the insulating glass panes. No matter what type of glass you choose, it will hold any kind of heat. It is also possible to be made of colored glasses. Frames can also be chosen from aluminum and wood. It is also made of durable and recyclable materials. Double glazing does not destroy the heat of sunlight hitting your house. In fact, it does not prevent the passage of these lights. In addition, double windows are not sealed by vacuum. If such a situation existed, it would also cause a visual collapse. It would also cause breakage. It is sealed so that no air can enter, thus preventing dirt from entering.

 Does It Cause Noise Reduction?

 When making double glazing, the main purpose is that the heat does not disappear. However, it also causes the noise level to be greatly reduced. Its first function is to prevent heat loss. Not all windows have to be double-glazed. However, the more double glazing there is, the higher the temperature inside the house. If there is a single glazed area, the windows of that area should be closed and isolated. The purpose of doing this is to prevent the hot air from going away.

Provides reduction of heat loss and draft.

- If we compare it with single glass, it also provides sound insulation. It acts as a buffer thanks to the extra materials used.

-It increases the security of the house.

-It helps to reduce condensation formation. Humidity decreases and prevents mold growth.

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