Modern Door Solutions

Door and window systems are indispensable for a place. It is not possible psychologically to create a sense of belonging or trust in a place without a door. The entrances and exits of business centres, schools, houses, hospitals, in short, all kinds of places that come to mind are made through doors. With the entrance definition feature in architecture, one of the most important areas of the buildings is completed by the doors. While the doors provide access to a place, they can give the user a very different experience. The developing technology ensures that the familiar doors are renewed day by day and become suitable for the age. Although modern and contemporary door models remain the same in purpose, they may be different from the old ones in terms of usage and view presented to the user.

  Where is the Door Used?

  The door is the elements that provide entrance and exit to the buildings. These elements can be of various models and types and consist of many sub-elements. Elements that make up a door; door handle, knob, threshold, porch, lintel, door hole and mouldings. The variety of these parts may also vary in some door models. Depending on the purpose of use, there are many different door models and different door models can be used in different areas. For example; While heat-resistant doors called fireproof doors are used in fire exits, doors called American type doors are mostly used indoors in residences. The door is the parts that enable entrance and exit to all kinds of rooms, spaces, buildings and structures. Since entrance and exit control is provided in all areas through the doors, security measures are also taken. When entering a shopping centre, store, hospital or building, the entrance is controlled by the doors. Steel doors, which are used as exterior doors in homes, allow you to stay outside safely when you are not at home. Because what protects your home is its door. Therefore, doors are architectural pieces that are also used for security purposes.

  What are the Door Types?

  Since the door is a very common element used in all kinds of fields, it is also manufactured in many different types and models. The development of technology, the emergence of different needs of the human living space, the changing needs and the differentiation of life are among the factors that affect the door models. Doors, which are directly related to human life, therefore have many different types and models for different uses. Generally used door types; interior door, exterior door, American door, melamine door, membrane door, sliding door, steel door, lacquer door, composite door, aluminium frame door, hospital door, school door, service door, folding door, garden door, fence door, garage can be listed as doors and building entrance doors.

  Usage Purposes of Door Types

  The reason why the doors are made in different types and models is associated with the fact that different doors appeal to different areas of use. Because not every door is used everywhere. Some doors are produced specifically for use in specific areas. For example, doors outside the buildings are wider than home entrance doors and are usually made of different materials. Since large-scale materials such as furniture pass through these doors, which are easier to open than home entrance doors, the size is also larger.



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