Saving Houses with Double Glass

Without a doubt, windows are one of the most important elements of homes. Windows are vital parts of a house in the sense that it prevents daylight from entering the house, ventilation of the house and noise from outside. Apart from all these features, windows also have insulation elements. A serious decrease is observed in the amount of fuel burned in the house, as adequate insulation is provided in the windows made using good materials, especially in cold winter days.

  Windows become more effective in sound and heat insulation depending on the type of glasses they are attached to. Double glazing window systems, known as double glazing or insulating glass, are insulating glass units consisting of two or more glasses. The assembly of glass plates in these insulation units is performed precisely in the factory environment. In this way, the amount of dry air or gas between the glass plates is adjusted depending on the ambient pressure.

  What Does Double Glass Do?

  Double glass systems are insulation units used not only in windows but also indoors. Unlike conventional windows, these units have more than one glass. In this way, heat loss is prevented. In addition, a significant reduction in the noise of the external environment is observed. Approximately 30% of the heat loss in buildings is only due to glass. Adding a small double glazing system on the windows of the residences helps to realize the heat insulation to a great extent. In this way, a great decrease is observed in the annual energy consumption and fuel consumption of buildings and residences.

  Systems known as double glazing or insulating glass are energy-efficient products. For this reason, they enable users to heat up better and save energy by consuming less fuel. Since the amount of heat escaping outside in houses with double glazing systems is greatly reduced, an equal and regular heating process is achieved in the house.

  What are the Benefits of Double Glass?

  Double glazing systems, which have been translated from English as double glazing, have other benefits besides providing thermal insulation. Double glazing systems:

It reduces the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays that pass through the glass. In this way, the amount of negative situations such as deformation in the wall paint and colour fading in the furniture is reduced.

Since it is a system that allows natural light to pass through at the maximum rate, it does not impair clarity and visibility.

Provides long-term savings in electricity bills. It reduces heating costs by 60%.

It prevents fogging.

 What are the Considerations in Double Glass Installation?

  There are some situations that need to be considered when installing double glazing:

Any failure or unwanted damage encountered during the assembly of the double glass units must be covered by the contractor firm. For this, you may need to have made a guarantee between you and the company you have agreed on installation.

You must check the double glazing systems at the time of delivery. Because if you encounter any scratches or damage after delivery, this is considered the responsibility of the user.

Joints and joinery parts in double glazing systems must be protected from water and wetness. If necessary, the water in the joinery should be thrown out through drain pipes.


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