U- PVC Doors Systems

It is a polymer known as polyvinyl chloride. This plastic polymer, which has many uses and applications, ranks third in the list of the most produced synthetic polymers in the world. In product notifications and product promotions made by PVC manufacturers and sales dealers, they generally use the name PVC only. However, pvc and u-pvc or pvc-u are different materials. Therefore, it is more appropriate to call and use u-pvc.

  What is Upvc?

  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is used as a raw material in the production of many plastic door or window systems, is added and strengthened in appropriate amounts from substances such as resins, filling materials, colorants, UV light absorbers and chemical additives that prevent deterioration and increase durability. These strengthened raw material products are subjected to cutting, welding and assembly processes after being molded. The product is made more robust by adding equipment such as frame ventilation chambers, protective gaskets, sealing joints and heat protective wool strips to be used and applied in U-PVC windows and upvc doors systems. In order to increase the resistance of the strengthened u-pvc profiles, reinforcing steel bars are added to the profile gaps at certain distances.

Benefits of Upcv Doors Systems

It is one of the most used systems in plastic steel frame and steel door systems. Among the systems, the main benefits of using u-pvc or pvc-u so much can be listed as follows: Durability Feature: The durability feature of Upvc is one of the main reasons for preference. This feature also brings a feature such as longevity. Being resistant to damage due to internal and external factors such as rusting, salt corrosion, rotting, abrasion, molding, blistering, shedding and being resistant to UV rays makes upvc doors systems preferable. Long-lasting usage conditions can be counted among its superior features and benefits over other products and materials. Economical and easy maintenance feature: Being able to be cleaned with the help of clean and pure water or by washing with soapy water ensures that pvc-u, upvc doors and u-pvc windows systems stay clean and look new for many years. No need for additional protection such as painting operations, sanding applications, varnishing or preservative applications.

 High sound insulation feature: They are preferred with their sound insulation feature up to eighty-five percent, mostly used with double-glazed window systems. They are preferred in homes and workplaces or in environments that need to be protected from external sounds (such as cinemas, theaters, libraries, study halls) to offer a quiet, calm and peaceful environment thanks to their insulation against high-intensity sounds. High security feature: It is possible to increase the level of security by installing additional security and locking mechanisms, apart from the lock systems in U-pvc doors systems. In addition to their reinforced structure, they can be made stronger and safer with unbreakable safety glasses. Thermal insulation feature: Upcv doors and upvc windows systems are produced from insulating materials. In addition, due to its strengthening, it is an insulating material against low and high temperatures. With their leak-proof feature, they protect the air in the indoor environment, provide breathing and regulate the air. It also helps the budget positively with the energy efficiency and savings it provides.


 Multi-purpose feature: U-pvc, steel door and window systems, as well as provides the opportunity to use and application in many areas. It is preferred in many places, from homes and workplaces, with the various features provided by these systems and its features such as opening from all directions and dimensions. The main usage areas of upvc, which is used in almost all indoor and outdoor spaces; Wide usage and application areas such as door and window systems, shower cabins, balconies, gardens and hotels, restaurants, ventilation systems can be counted.  High protection feature: u-pvc systems, which are resistant to severe and heavy internal and external factors, have high resistance to fires, winds and frost. They offer long-lasting and healthy use under the most severe conditions. They are referred to as environmentally friendly products and are preferred.

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