U- Pvc Windows Systems

 Its raw material, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic material whose original name is read as U-PVC. It is widely preferred due to its positive properties such as durability, flexibility, hardness, and non-flammability. It is a very common product. U-PVC, which is used especially in irrigation and city network systems, door and window systems applications, is more resistant and durable than PVC.

 On the Pros of U-PVC Window Systems

 In addition to its high degree and excellent performance, U-PVC is a product that has been accepted for its durability and flexibility. It is also economical in terms of long life and low maintenance requirement. With these features, it is an extremely special material used in upvc frame and upvc windows systems.In addition to all these features; It is a product that contributes to the home economy while saving energy with its flame insulation (non-flammability) and sound insulation performance. In order to increase the resistance in the solid and durable window and door systems, steel or galvanized additives are added to the parts and such systems are made stronger. Due to its upvc resistant structure against tough external factors and harsh weather conditions, it resists for many years without corrosion, thawing, rotting, or rusting, and does not leave you on the road.

 On the Main Properties of U- PVC Materials

 There are many positive reasons why it is preferred in door and window frames or upvc windows frame systems. In addition to being extremely durable and long-lasting, providing good comfort and high security is one of the most important purposes and features it. U-PVC materials, which are available at low costs, are much cheaper than other production materials such as glass, timber, and aluminum. It is also known as a useful product rather than all these. It is easier to apply a u-pvc windows system or door system at economical prices compared to other materials.

It is a sterile material that offers ease of cleaning and maintenance, so the material is equally common. Unlike other materials, the rate of encountering negativities such as decay or damage from weather conditions is very low due to the extremely hard and durable nature of the applied material.

 Providing a perfect performance with its sound insulation feature, u-pvc provides sound insulation up to 90% in the places where it is applied. Upvc systems are also known for their high energy saving and efficiency. Heating costs can be minimized by applying such systems in all areas of the spaces. It provides high security in homes with its robust and hard structure. Security quality can be further increased with additional security measures and equipment.

 General Features of U-PVC

 1- Extremely high sound insulation.

 2-It is water-resistant and resistant, does not swell and throw.

 3- It provides resistance against impacts with its shock-absorbing feature.

 4- It is flexible as well as unbreakable.

 5- Resistant to UV rays.

 6- Providing high resistance in harsh weather conditions.

 7- Being healthy

 8- Having the ability to breathe

 9- Having useful mechanical system features.

 10- It is resistant to chemical factors and salt corrosion.

 11- High thermal insulation.

 12- To be known as an environment and human-friendly material.

 13- It is fire resistant. (Non-flammable, non-glowing chemical property)

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