U- Pvc Windows Systems Should Be An Option

 U-pvc is a plastic material and it also means polyvinyl chloride, which has not been plasticized. It is preferred due to its hardness and flexibility properties and its usage area is very common. U-PVC, which is mostly used in network systems, pipe laying and door-window frame systems, is more durable than PVC.

 What are the Advantages of U-pvc Window Systems?

 U-pvc has proven itself by offering excellent performance as well as durability and flexibility. With long years of use, it is long-lasting and economical, and requires very little maintenance. With these features, it provides an excellent material opportunity for upvc doors and upvc windows systems.

 In addition, it saves energy with its thermal performance, sound and heat insulation and keeps your money in your pocket. For larger frame sections, these systems are made stronger by using steel or galvanized supports to increase durability. Even in the toughest external factors and weather conditions, it is resistant to deterioration such as dissolving, rotting or rusting due to its u-pvc quality and structure.

 What are the reasons for using U-pvc in Window Systems?

 There are many factors that make it an excellent material for window systems. In addition to a high degree of durability and longevity, the highest level of comfort is one of its most important features.

 With its low price, upvc materials are much cheaper and more useful than timber and aluminum. The price may vary according to the quality and manufacturing features of the window systems. You can apply an upvc windows system and door system at economical prices. This material, which is remembered for its low-budget and low-maintenance feature, is very common.

 It is one of the least and easiest maintenance products among window and door systems. Unlike timber applications, the rate of decay or damage from weather conditions is very low due to the high degree of durability of the material used.

 Upvc, which is also excellent with its sound insulation feature, provides up to 85% defense and isolation from external noise in the interiors where it is applied. U-PVC windows have a high degree of energy saving and efficiency. With the installation of these systems, heating prices are reduced by half. Due to its solid structure, it provides high security in households and in the sections opening to the outdoors.

 What are the General Features of Upvc?

 - Sound insulation and isolation is extremely high.

 - Water abrasion rate is low. Extremely water resistant

 - Impact resistance and resistance are very high

 - It has high uv and weather resistance.

 - It is a breathing material

 - It has extremely useful mechanical properties

 - It is a material that can be shaped easily with vacuum.

 - Resistant to chemical reactions and corrosion

 - Provides high quality thermal insulation

 - It does not have a long-term harmful chemical effect.

 - It is a human and environment-friendly material, it does not poison

 - Linden does not contain PCB, Formaldehyde, Asbestos, PCF and CFC.

 - It is fire resistant, does not catch fire, does not shine, extinguishes fire.

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