U- Quality Privileges of Pvc Material

 It is a plastic material known as U-PVC and whose raw material is polyvinyl chloride. It is a product that is preferred and widely used in many places due to its many important features such as its durability, flexibility, hardness, and non-flammability. U-PVC, which is used especially indoor and window systems applications, is generally preferred in city network and sewer systems due to its resistance to water and its impermeability feature.

  Distinguishing Features of U-PVC Window Systems

  U-PVC, a product that has proven itself with its high and excellent performance as well as its durability and flexibility, is also economical because it is long-lasting and does not require maintenance. With these features, it is an extremely special material used in upvc windows systems, and in addition to all these features; It is a product that contributes to the home economy while providing safety and energy saving with its non-flammable feature, sound insulation, and heat insulation. Thanks to its structure resistant to the most difficult external conditions and harsh weather conditions, it resists and remains intact for many years without corrosion, rotting, or rusting.

  Quality Privileges of U- PVC Material

  There are many positive reasons why it is preferred indoor, window, or frame systems. Being extremely durable and long-lasting and the comfort provided by the high security it offers are among the most important features. It is low cost. Easily available. It is cheaper than timber, aluminum, and glass from other materials, and therefore it is more possible to have an economical price for upvc windows system than others.

 It also offers cleaning and maintenance convenience. It is a sterile material. It is the 3rd material with the most widespread use in the world. Compared to other materials, it is extremely hard, robust, and durable, so the rate of incidents such as breakage and decay is very low. Upvc systems are famous for their high energy saving and efficiency. Heating costs can be minimized by applying such systems in places. It is also preferred to provide high security in homes and workplaces with its robust and rigid structure, and it is also a structure suitable to increase the security quality even more by adding additional security measures and equipment.

   What are the General Features of U-PVC?

  - High sound insulation.

 - High thermal insulation

 - Breathing feature

 - Environment and human friendly

 - High resistance to impact and external influences

 - Water resistance

 - flexibility

 - Easy to apply

 Easy maintenance

 - Resistance to UV rays

 - Durability against harsh weather conditions

 - Healthy material

 - It is resistant to chemical factors and salt corrosion.

 - It is fire-resistant.

 - Non-flammable, non-flammable chemical property

  What are the Usage Areas of Upvc?

  Among the main usage areas of U-PVC; include electrical cables. Due to its robust, flexible, and economical nature, this material is widely preferred for pipelines and sewage in drinking water networks, agricultural irrigation networks, industrial facilities, fire systems, swimming pools, and the wastewater industry.

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