U- What are the Usage and Application Areas of PVC

It is a very common polymer material, known as u-pvc in the plastic joinery industry. It is a material that is suitable in many areas and has a wide application opportunity. It is the 3rd most used plastic polymer material in the world. Although it is called u-pvc by the world polymer industry manufacturers, it is generally known as pvc. However, it is a more durable material than u-pvc and pvc.

 What are Upvc Production and Application Stages?

 During the production phase, resins are added to polyvinyl chloride to increase the consistency, this gives it strength and prevents it from losing its flexibility. After adding colorants and absorbent materials against UV rays, filling materials are added lastly. It is then made stronger by adding chemicals to prevent spoilage and make it even more durable. Before the application of upvc windows and upvc door frame systems, the ventilation channels inside are opened, and other equipment with protective seals is added. Fiber or wool strips are added to provide a safety-enhancing feature and to preserve heat, and steel bars to increase resistance are added to the profile gaps at regular intervals for strength and durability. The material that becomes ready after all these processes; After cutting, chopping, shaping, and welding processes, is mounted on the area to be applied.

What are the U-pvc Usage and Application Areas?

 Known to be preferred in many areas, u-pvc is used primarily in plastic upvc doors, windows joinery systems, as well as in the following forms and industries:

In irrigation systems of agricultural and agricultural fields

 Drinking water and wastewater industry

 in fire systems

 In industrial facilities and organizations

 in swimming pools

 In sewers and all kinds of urban infrastructure systems

 Other important usage and application areas of U-pvc material can be counted as follows:

 In all kinds of isolation applications in homes and workplaces

 In hobby supplies

 In the healthcare industry and medical equipment

 In the paper industry, packaging and packaging industry

 In the production of electrical and electronic devices

 In Machinery Industry

 In the field of chemicals and petroleum products

 In the production of work equipment

 in the agricultural industry

 The textile industry and business lines

 Military, defense industry, and aerospace industry

 In the field of energy

 In the construction industry (Vinyl coating, all kinds of flooring, suspended ceiling, roof and upvc wall coverings, etc.)

 in the automotive industry

 What are the Benefits of U-pcv Doors Systems?

 It should be added that plastic upvc windows are the most used material in upcv doors systems, with high and important benefits. These benefits can be listed as follows:

 High sound and high thermal insulation

 Water and fire resistance and durability

 Inexpensive and easy maintenance and repair


 high security

 Applicability in every field

 Environmental, human and budget-friendly material

 High performance in harsh weather conditions

 Easy to shape and easy assembly

 Resistance to rust, deterioration, and corrosion

What are the other materials produced from U-pvc?

 Materials such as Policarbon, Polyurethane, Fiber, Epoxy, Semitron are also counted as being among the main types of u-pvc materials.

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