Upvc Door System Features

The doors and windows of a home are a long-term investment. That's why it's important to make excellent choices in terms of quality and performance that suit your personal needs. Doors are an integral part of the house. When designed with precision and care, they can completely change the look of the space. Currently, uPVC doors are popular in the market due to their functionality and appearance. uPVC Doors systems are designed to provide homes with a stylish and contemporary look. uPVC systems are one of the last wonders of innovation and technology. This material has taken a tremendous rise, offering a wide range of choices based on both functionality and design. non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is a versatile and sustainable material used indoor construction. Since it is not plasticized, it is durable and hard compared to other materials. Unlike wood, steel, iron and others, it is the most ideal option because it retains its shape in all weather conditions.

 Different Options for Different Places

 Not every home, office or place is the same. For rooms that serve different purposes, you can choose a door that receives a lot of light and shows the outside in an uninterrupted manner. The frame you choose depends on factors such as the design aesthetics of your space, personal style, functionality and the comfort of the people living in your home. It is extremely safe in line with these factors.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

The ideal feature of uPVC Doors systems is that they are extremely easy to maintain and cost-effective compared to traditional materials. Problems such as termite infestation, bending, fading and cracking do not occur. Simple cleaning with ordinary detergent will keep uPVC doors looking great for years to come. The system looks new even after heavy use. It does not require varnish or polish.

Durable and Functional

uPVC Doors systems are high performance and durable. To any climate; It is the most ideal option against harsh weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, dryness, freezing, and rain. It keeps the interior cool in hot weather and warms in cold weather.

Electricity and Heat Savings

 Especially when it comes to cold weather, uPVC doors prevent the house temperature from changing. It keeps the heat inside the house. Thus, it allows savings in heating and electricity bills.

 Security precautions

uPVC locking systems are of high quality. It increases the security of your home, office or spaces. In addition, uPVC is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing in case of fire. In this way, you are considered to have taken precautions against fire.

 Design Options

 When it comes to customizing uPVC doors; Your options to customize the colour, lamination, glass, glaze, mesh, and grid are endless. Lamination options include Golden Oak, Walnut, Rustic Oak, Dark Oak or Mahogany wood veneers. Glass can be transparent, coloured, laminated or frosted depending on the light you want to let in. You can also choose between single, double or triple glazing for your glazing depending on your thermal insulation needs. Colour and pattern options are unlimited. uPVC Doors systems can take the appearance properties of any type of material.

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