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It is a polymer material commonly known as polyvinyl chloride or pvc. This plastic polymer material, which has application areas in many processes, is in the third place among the most produced synthetic polymers in the world. Since only the name pvc is used in product promotions made by polymer manufacturers and sales officials, it is known as pvc. However, it should be known that pvc and u-pvc are different materials. Therefore, it is more appropriate to call and use u-pvc for this product.

 What is U-pvc and how is it produced?

 Polyvinyl chloride, which is used as a raw material in the manufacture of many plastic door or window systems, contains thickener resin, filling material, colorant, uv ray absorber, etc. It is strengthened with the addition of substances such as the addition of chemical substances that will prevent deterioration and increase durability. The strengthened raw material is subjected to various molding processes, followed by welding, cutting, shaping and assembly processes. To be used in upvc windows and upvc doors systems, chambers for frame ventilation, protective gaskets and equipment, certain additions to impart tightness, and equipment such as heat protective fiber or wool strips are added. Thus, the product, which is made stronger, becomes ready for application. Reinforcing steel bars are added at appropriate distances to the profile gaps in order to increase resistance to the upvc profiles that have been strengthened.

 What are the Main Benefits of U-pcv Doors Systems?

 Plastic frame is a widely used material in upcv doors and window systems. Among these systems, the benefits of choosing and using u-pvc so much can be listed as follows:

 - High sound insulation feature

 - Water and heat resistance

 - Economic and easy repair feature

 - High security feature

 - Heat insulation feature

 - Multi-purpose use feature

 - High protection feature

 - Eco-friendly feature

 - Impact resistance feature

 - Wide application area feature with easy shaping

   What are the U-pvc Usage Areas?


 Usage types and areas of upvc, which finds application in many areas;

 - Agricultural irrigation

 - Drinking water and wastewater networks

 - Fire networks and evacuation lines

 - Industrial facilities and swimming pools

 - Sewer and cable protection systems

 - They can be listed as plastic upvc doors and frame systems.

  Other usage areas of U-pvc are: Home and outdoor products, health sector, packaging industry, water pipes network systems, electrical electronics, chemistry, petro-chemistry, construction machinery and equipment production, agriculture, medical, textile, military and defense industry, space exploration, energy industry, paper industry, cable industry and insulation processes, places where vinyl coating is required, flooring of sports halls, suspended ceilings, automotive industry, construction materials, roof, fence and upvc wall coverings, carpets and flooring. among the main areas of use.

   Other Substances Produced from Upvc

  - Polycarbonate

 - Polyurethane

 - Fiber

 - Epoxy

 - Materials such as Semitron can be counted as derivatives of mainly upvc materials.

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