What are the Advantages of Aluminum Doors?

Aluminum door systems have been frequently chosen in recent years. Different building materials are used indoors and windows. However, we can say that the door systems seized with aluminum provide higher performance. The quality of aluminum joinery, which has become widespread in our country, is increasing day by day. B door systems, which people choose in their households and workplaces, also provide advantages in many directions.

 Aluminum Door Systems

 Aluminum door systems are a system that can be used safely thanks to its wind resistance and heat and sound permeability features. That's why aluminum doors systems are preferred by many people. It is used in applications of aluminum door systems opening to the exterior. It offers richness in many aspects with its heat-insulated, non-heat-insulated, normal opening, double opening, pivot opening, concealed hinged, folding doors, inward-outward opening, and slamming doors.

 Where Are Aluminum Doors Used?

 Aluminum materials are resistant to all weather conditions. It is one of the first choices of customers due to its long-term use and durability. In addition, this system also has an inclusive feature. Its durability is much higher than that of wood. Aluminum, which is a light building material, also has a feature that does not cause humidity and is not affected by the sun. Due to the properties of aluminum, aluminum doors are mostly used as exterior apartment doors. Apart from the use of apartment doors, there are also shop door applications on the exterior.

 What are the Advantages of Aluminum Door Systems?

 It is frequently used in exterior doors because it has certain properties as an aluminum structure. The advantages of the aluminum doors used for the users are as follows:

 - It has a structure that does not wear out easily with its long-lasting structure.

 - It does not lose its properties at high or low temperatures.

 - There is a chance to be produced in the desired dimensions in accordance with the characteristics of the spaces.

 - Analyzes suitable for customers can be provided for its width.

 - It does not create a negative effect thanks to its friend feature.

 - These fire-resistant doors are not easily damaged.

 - It is quite successful in terms of heat insulation.

 Single Wing Aluminum Doors

 It is an aluminum door leaf system that opens by installing a hinge on the door frame and by drawing a classic arc and turning right and left. Single-wing aluminum doors are produced with or without glass. Its dimensions vary according to the areas to be used. In corner joint areas, corners must be pressed with special aluminum corner contact personnel. Wedges are used at the junction points. When these wedges are made of different metals, contact with aluminum opens the door to corrosion due to the battery event. For this reason, the same alloy material should be used as the aluminum profile material.

 Double Wing Aluminum Doors

 These door systems are used when large opening areas are needed. It is the application of single-wing door systems to both wings in a symmetrical manner. Double-wing aluminum doors are generally used in apartment entrances, garden exit areas, warehouses, or health institutions.

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