What are the Features of Upvc Doors

 Polyvinyl chloride, which is used as a raw material for plastic joinery steel doors, is the non-plasticized hard form of the material known as PVC is called uPVC. Most of the products, generally known as PVC, are actually called uPVC or PVC-u.

 What is uPVC and U Value?

 PVC joinery is softer and less resistant to external factors. Heat and cold resistance and permeability can be measured with u value in PVC systems. U value used to determine the conductivity or insulation rate determines whether the insulation material is high or low. uPVC doors, known as rigid PVC in terms of performance and durability, is a very common product in terms of its usage area, as it is flexible.

  So Why Upvc?

  This material, which is the most preferred in window and door systems, takes the first place among the preferences with its properties such as thermal efficiency, sound insulation and stainless steel. Thanks to its robust structure, this material, which shows high resistance to natural conditions and external factors, is strengthened with steel additions, gaskets, wool strips against heat and cold, and does not dissolve and decay, protects you under difficult conditions for many years. In addition, it preserves its place in environmentally friendly product classification as it can be recycled after many years of use.

 Upvc Door Types and Usage Areas

 These uPVC doors systems, which are generally used outdoors in terms of energy-saving and durability, are also preferred with high sound insulation of up to eighty per cent. These products, which are preferred by many brands, can be classified according to their types and areas of use as follows:

 - Single Door Systems: These systems, which are in the class of standard doors, are used in kitchens, balconies, etc. It is applied in simple usage areas such as.

 - Double Door Systems: Mostly preferred by hotels, restaurants and businesses, they are also used in garden exits of detached houses. It is an effective product for heat preservation.

 - Sliding Door systems: It is preferred for more light input, providing comfortable airflow, wide field of view and especially in narrow areas.

 - Folding Door Systems: In terms of providing great efficiency in entering and exiting outdoors and with the feature of being folded together, it is possible to benefit from the fresh air by fully opening in summer, while it is possible to easily ventilate the interiors in winter by folding only a part of it.

 Other Door Systems and Usage Areas

 Upvc door systems that can be applied in many areas, such as sliding doors for bathrooms, sliding and folding doors for home interiors, asymmetric cut swing door systems for exterior doors, two-panel and four-panel sliding doors, glass sliding doors, fixed window sliding doors It can be applied in many types and areas such as.

 What Should Be Considered In Upvc Door?

  When choosing uPVC door systems;

  - Examination of the product material, determination of the type in the form of uPVC doors, PVC, aluminium, wood (Upvc or Upvc protection barrier is recommended)

 - Paying attention to material strength and thickness

 - Getting information about the number of chambers and their strengthening,

 - Choosing the sliding, single opening, double opening, folding etc. systems according to the area of ​​use

 - It is essential to pay attention to issues such as obtaining information about insulation, insulation and brand comments.

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