What are the Features of Upvc Doors Profiles

UPVC is a durable and flexible building material generally used indoor and window profiles. The steel frame is made of non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride by coating. It consists of a unit that does not leak, rust, bend and rot. Although it has a plastic surface, it can adapt to any space with its very different designs and patterns.

  Polyvinyl chloride is a hard plastic-type that stands out with its flexibility. It is created on a very solid foundation for door profiles. This material, which is also used in dental and medical equipment, prevents the formation of bacteria and also eliminates the risk of contamination. It does not contain any chemicals.

  Features of UPVC

  BPA-free UPVC is also used as recycling material. Due to its durable structure, it is long-lasting even in harsh weather conditions. It is easy to maintain and clean. In addition to all this, its cost is also affordable.

  Weather Resistant

  UPVC doors profiles are durable in harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, storm, and they do not contain moisture, mould, fade or peel in hot weather.


  When it comes to home and office security, you can rely on UPVC doors profile systems. While creating the lock system, a point lock system is used and thus provides a top security measure.

  Easy to maintain

  UPVC door profiles are easy to maintain. It does not require constant cleaning as there will be no problems such as rusting, rotting or mould. It is cleaned only with soapy water, with a cloth or sponge. Bacteria or chemical reactions occurring in other door profiles are not seen in UPVC door profiles. It does not need to be coated with a special substance to prevent such situations.


  It is very durable compared to being made of hard and flexible plastic. It has at least 25 years of warranty as a result of the tests. These profiles, which are designed considering all the conditions of weather conditions, living conditions or usage areas, can be used at the home, office and many other places.

  Efficient Energy

  UPVC door profiles ensure that energy is used efficiently. It ensures that your home and office stay cool in summer and insulate in winter. Since it does not transmit heat, it prevents the outside heat from entering inside on hot summer days. In this case, it provides the opportunity to operate the air conditioners or heaters less and more efficiently.

  Style, Colors and Design

  Due to the plasticity of UPVC profiles, it is thought that they cannot create a stylish and aesthetic appearance in homes, offices or other places. But the range of styles, colours and designs is quite a product. Any design can be preferred according to the wooden look, the working appearance or the design of the space.

  They are fire-resistant

  Many door profiles like wood burn easily. In the event of any fire situation, the fire resistance of UPVC doors cannot be discussed. It is fire resistant due to its ingredients. For this reason, fire safety is increased in both homes, workplaces and any other place.

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