What are the Features of Upvc Windows

 U-PVC means non-plasticized PVC. It is among the most used products in door, window and pipe systems. Although it is generally known as PVC, uPVC is preferred because it is harder and heat resistant.

 What is uPVC?

 UPVC, which finds application in many sectors today, is a material that is not softened with plasticizer material in a hard form and has no elasticity. Due to its resistance to heat, cold, external effects and impacts, it is generally preferred in the door, window and network systems. It is necessary to know that the products advertised as PVC window systems are actually uPVCc.

 It is also used as a heat barrier in aluminium door and window systems.

 Why Choose uPVC Window?

 UPVC, which is used as a raw material in window and plastic steel door systems, is strengthened with fillers, then it is made breathable by adding ultraviolet rays absorbing properties, moulding materials and cutting processes and frame fan connections. In addition, doors and windows supported with sealed gaskets and wool strips are strengthened and strengthened with the help of steel bars placed in profile gaps. Such systems are called uPVC windows and are generally called PVC and are presented, so they are known wrongly or incompletely among the public.

  - Energy-saving

 - Excellent sound insulation

 - UV resistance

 - Guaranteed resistance to external factors for up to ten years

 - Environmentally friendly

 - It is also known for its stylish and aesthetic style.

 uPVC Window Types and Usage Areas

 Upvc windows systems designed by paying attention to the main features such as resistance to external factors, sound, heat and cold insulation, aesthetic appearance are classified as follows according to their types and areas of use:

 - The Most Suspended Windows: These types of windows, also known as awning windows, can remain open even in rainy conditions and do not leak, thus providing the opportunity to ventilate your space at any time.

 - Side Hanging Windows: These windows, which are known with the side opening wing system, have the only difference from the others in that the ventilation holes are open from the side.

 - Tilt and Flip Windows: It is known as the most preferred window system in homes and workplaces with its multi-purpose use feature and elegant appearance. It provides easy cleaning due to its inclination inwards.

  - Sliding Windows: It provides great convenience and is preferred in places such as kitchens, workplaces and entertainment venues where the window sashes are difficult to open. It is easy to clean. It helps you determine the direction of the airflow with the sliding system.

 - Folding Windows: They are attached with the same technique as in folding door systems opening to outdoor areas such as balconies, terraces, gardens, verandas and they are opened by folding to one side. It is up to you to enjoy the comfort by opening a single wing or opening all of them according to the seasonal conditions while providing ventilation.

 Other Upvc Window Systems

 Pull-open system, double opening system, fixed window system, transom system, locking systems, fixed and sliding shutter systems can be counted among other types. In addition, it is possible to prevent the entry of flies and other insects in summer with the addition of white tulle or mosquito nets.

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