What are the Types of Aluminum Windows

 Depending on the area of ​​use, there are aluminum windows varieties under many different model designs today. These windows, whose common features are quality material structure and aluminum design, offer a choice depending on the area. The basis for having different designs and models is to create a harmonious effect on the area of ​​use. In this direction, these products, which offer a long-lasting use as well as an aesthetic design, also allow selection based on personal wishes.

 Aluminum Windows Top Hanging Models

 It comes among the most popular window models in its own right. Especially with the way it opens from the lower part, it prevents rainwater from entering. Additionally, since it is opened differently than other windows, it provides the opportunity to create a larger space without covering the area. Its easy and functional usage opportunity also provides the opportunity to evaluate safely and comfortably. It has many features over heat insulation and aesthetic design.

 Aluminum Windows Side Hanging Models

 Recently, it has been preferred as a type of window that opens to the side. It allows us to control the airflow according to where it is desired to come from. The side-opening design, which offers a structure that can be used easily in the field, provides comfortable and functional areas of use. It can be evaluated for many years through its durable material structure and sound and heat insulation.

 Aluminum Windows Flip Types

 It is among the most ideal and suitable designs for all different buildings. It adapts easily and provides a functional use in the space through its different dimensions. Especially with its vertical inclination, it provides the opportunity to provide airflow and circulation effectively. It also bends horizontally inward, thus allowing the interior to become cleaner.

 Aluminum Windows Sliding Window Models

 With its sliding design, it is one of the most preferred structures among aluminum windows. It allows the area to become wider, especially since narrow passages and passageways do not present an obstacle. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to easily calculate where the airflow is desired. It is one of the most ideal designs especially for kitchens in both houses and workplaces.

 Aluminum Windows Folding Window Models

 It provides a comfortable use with a window design that opens to the side. Thus, it allows the windows to be partially or completely opened and closed depending on the need. Thanks to its multiple folding functions, it also allows the space to become an open Concept.

Special Design Aluminum Windows Models

 Along with the features brought by the aluminum material, aluminum windows models provide many conveniences. Besides the physical properties it offers, it also offers a very aesthetic structure because it is an aluminum product. Thus, a more cool and stylish look can be brought to different places. Of course, it is evaluated all over the world as it is environmentally friendly, durable, and offers a functional structure.

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