What are U-Pvc Doors and Where Are They Used

It is a polymer material known as polyvinyl chloride or pvc in the sector and its usage area is quite common. As a material that is suitable for many processes and has a wide application area, it is one of the 3 most used polymer materials in the world. Although upvc doors is known by polymer manufacturers, the name pvc is mostly used in promotions in the market. However, it should be known that pvc and u-pvc are different materials from each other.

 What is U-PVC and What are the Production Stages?

 During the production phase of polyvinyl chloride, which is used as a raw material in the production of many plastic doors, frames, and window systems, thickener resins, fillers, colorants, absorbent materials against UV rays, etc. is added. It is strengthened by the addition of chemical substances that prevent deterioration and increase durability. The raw material goes through various molding processes.

 It is made ready for application by welding, shaping, and chopping processes; In order to be applied in areas such as upvc doors and window systems, some additions are made to gain security features with ventilation ducts, protective seals, and other equipment. Fiber or wool strips that retain heat are added. In order to increase the strength of the profile gaps in strength, additional steel bars are added to the profile gaps at regular intervals.

 What are the Benefits of U-pcv Door Systems?

 The fact that it is the most used material in plastic window, frame, and upvc door systems is due to its high margin of benefit. The benefits of PVC being preferred so much in the listing of such systems and causing it to find an application area can be summarized as follows:

 High sound and heat insulation properties

 Water and fire resistance

 Economic and easy maintenance and repair feature

 Durability and high-security feature

 Multi-purpose usage feature with its use in many areas

 Environmental friendliness

 Impact resistance, resistance to harsh external factors

 Easy to shape and wide application area feature

 Resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosion

 Can be applied to the arm

  What are the Usage and Application Areas of U- PVC?

 As these wide usage types and areas of u-pvc systems, which find usage and application areas in many areas;

 Agricultural irrigation

 Drinking water and wastewater sector

 Fire network systems and evacuation lines

 Industrial facilities

 Swimming pools

 Sewers and cable industry

 Many areas such as plastic u-pvc door and window systems can be listed.

 What are the other usage areas of U-PVC?

 Home and workplaces, hobby materials, healthcare industry, packaging, packaging, and insulation industry, electrical-electronics industry, machinery, and chemical industry, petroleum products conversion industry, business equipment manufacturing, agriculture industry, medical equipment industry, textile industry, military, and defense Industrial industry, space exploration film industry, energy sector, paper industry, vinyl coating industry, suspended ceiling construction, automotive industry, construction industry, fence, roof, and U-PVC wall coverings, carpet, and floor coverings are also widely used in many areas. and application possibilities.

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