What are Winza Upvc Doors and Upvc Windows Types

Upvc doors models, which provide the opportunity to use in all areas with their many different types, provide the opportunity to choose appropriate for the purpose. These door types, which are handled in different dimensions depending on international quality standards, have a very special quality material as well as being environmentally friendly. Thus, it can be used for many years in a durable way. Of course, door models vary depending on their usage purposes and their features.

  Upvc Doors Single Door Models

  These door models are generally standard door types. However, it is possible to say that it provides a much higher energy efficiency. For this reason, it is widely used for areas such as kitchens or scullery, where there is a lot of energy loss. It can be safely evaluated within the scope of its special dimensions over a certain material structure.

Upvc Doors Double Door Models

  Likewise, as in other double doors, upvc windows have a standard model structure. However, it is possible to say that it provides a very high energy efficiency as in single doors. Along with the main entrance door, it comes in the widely used models for the garden door. It should be stated that it provides a very effective heat and sound insulation through its design and quality material. In this direction, it can be safely evaluated for many years in different areas according to the purpose.

  Upvc Doors Sliding Door Models

  It is among the most preferred door models for those who want to obtain maximum light and an unobstructed view. In addition, it comes to the forefront so that the house can have a brighter structure, together with providing all kinds of security measures. At the same time, it should be said that it offers a very stylish and aesthetic structure with its upvc doors and upvc windows design. It is among the important door models that provide high energy efficiency in terms of heat and sound insulation, as it has an advanced and new generation design and quality materials.

  Upvc Doors Folding Door Models

  Folding door models are used to make the open plan life more effective and accentuated. It also stands out as an alternative to hinged and patio door types. One of its most important features is that it can effectively create an open space by folding more than one panel. While it has the feature of folding towards the sides, it provides a comfortable use with its hinged design. Thus, it becomes possible to create a very pleasant and effective open space when desired.

  Upvc Doors HS76 Sliding Door Models

  It comes in advanced sliding door models under a winged design. It has the capacity to carry different weights comfortably, especially within the strong components and materials it contains. Thus, a more effective and comfortable zone can be created, especially in small areas. At the same time, it creates an aesthetic structure while providing a comfortable use through its quality material.

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